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  Seoul chef Eo Yun-gwon sues Michelin Guide for including his restaurant


  The logo of French tyremaker Michelin with Bibendum or the Michelin Man mascot is pictured during the company's 2011 annual results in Paris February 10, 2012. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

  Some chefs dream their whole lives of winning a Michelin star. But not Eo Yun-gwon.

  有些大厨一辈子都梦想能赢得米其林的一颗星。但Eo Yun-gwon不是这样的大厨。

  The South Korean chef is reportedly suing Michelin for including his restaurant Ristorante Eo in their 2019 guide to Seoul, saying that he asked them not to. He is taking action under a South Korean law against public insult.

  据报道,这位韩国大厨状告米其林无视他的拒绝,将他的餐厅Ristorante Eo列入《2019米其林首尔指南》。他以韩国法律中的“公开侮辱罪”起诉米其林。

  On November 15, Eo announced on his Facebook page that he had lodged a public insult criminal complaint against Michelin Travel Partner in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office the same day.


  "I have filed a criminal complaint against Michelin Guide's behavior of forcibly listing [restaurants] against their will and without a clear criteria," he wrote.


  "Including my restaurant Eo in the corrupt book is a defamation against members of Eo and the fans. Like a ghost, they did not have a contact number and I was only able to get in touch through email. Although I clearly refused listing of my restaurant, they included it at their will this year as well."


  defamation[ˌdefəˈmeɪʃn]: n. 诽谤;中伤

  Chef Eo trained in Milan before returning to his home country.

  Courtesy Ristorante Eo

  In particular, Eo takes issue with the way that Michelin, which is legendarily tight-lipped about its process, judges restaurants.


  In another Facebook post, this one dated November 13, Eo wrote, "There are thousands of restaurants in Seoul that are on the same level or better and more honest than those listed on the Michelin guide. It is a sad joke that a mere 170 of them are representing Seoul."


  According to Eo's Facebook page, he emailed Michelin asking them to remove his restaurant from the guide in all categories and demanded that they explain the rating criteria.


  He says he wrote in the email: "Numerous restaurants and the workers are wasting away their soul (money, time, and effort) to pursue the mirage that is Michelin star."


  mirage[məˈrɑːʒ]: n. 海市蜃楼;幻想,妄想

  Michelin released its first Seoul restaurant guide in 2016. Their description of Ristorante Eo specifically cited the chef, stating that "each dish clearly demonstrates his insight into the integrity and simplicity of Italian cooking."

  米其林于2016年发布了首部首尔餐厅指南。他们对Ristorante Eo餐厅的描述中特别提到了这位大厨,声称“每一道菜都清晰展现了他对意大利烹饪完整性和朴素性的洞察力。”

  Eo told CNN by phone, "Michelin guide is a cruel system. It's the cruelest test in the world. It forces the chefs to work around a year waiting for a test [and] they don't know when it's coming."


  "It is humiliating to see my restaurant given a rating in that unwholesome book," Eo continued. The Michelin guide, he added, "is blinded by money and lacks philosophy."


  Ristorante Eo brings traditional Italian cooking to the South Korean capital.

  Courtesy Ristorante Eo

  Although Eo's suit has already made news in the food world, South Korean criminal attorney Shin Ha-na says that the charges are unlikely to stick.

  尽管Eo的起诉已经在美食界成为了新闻,但韩国刑事律师Shin Ha-na说,这项罪名不太可能成立。

  "There needs to be an insulting statement that would cut down one's social standing," Shin explains to CNN. "Usually, there needs to be curse words. Since the guide didn't print profanity, I don't think the charge will stand."


  However, Shin notes that if Michelin is found guilty, the company will be ordered to pay somewhere between 500,000 to 3 million won (in damages).


  Eo isn't the only chef taking issue with the famously secretive food reviewing guide.


  French chef Marc Veyrat also sued Michelin in 2019 -- but in his case, it was for taking a star away.


  The Michelin Guide for France told Veyrat that they were docking one of his stars after reviewing his restaurant La Maison des Bois in the Alps.


  dock[dɒk]: v. 扣(分、钱等)

  Marc Veyrat, for his part, claimed that the incident had to do with a misunderstanding about cheese -- the Michelin reviewer believed a souffle had been made of cheddar, while the chef said it was several other cheeses with saffron added to give it the yellow hue often associated with cheddar.


  He added that he went into a deep depression following the star demotion. "I've been dishonored, I saw my team in tears," he told a French radio station.


  Veyrat's suit against Michelin will be heard in November in Nanterre, France.


  No matter what happens with either lawsuit, though, it's clear that Eo isn't going anywhere.


  On his Facebook page, he wrote, "I will work hard to safeguard the integrity of our industry against garbage critics like Michelin or influencers or the media. I will continue my campaign against Michelin."





  "Whether a restaurant is good or not should be up to the individual's feelings. So why do we need such Western formalism to speak out for our Chinese restaurants?"